Walt Disney Family Museum: Website Redesign Case Study

The Walt Disney Family Museum is dedicated to bringing the amazing life of Walt Disney to light and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. In reimagining the museum website, I studied both the content and design of the current site, consolidating sections & creating a design that compliments the new content.


The home page welcomes the visitors down the Main Street of the 12 foot Disneyland model housed at the museum; inviting them to explore the site.


Wide Header Images and Clear Sections

The Walt Disney Family Museum is beautiful both inside its galleries and outside surrounded by the Presidio. Large, fading slideshow header images showcase this beauty throughout the site. The navigation menu items increase in visitor dedication from left to right. An average visitor looking to buy tickets can quickly head to the ticket order page, while more frequent visitors can see what events are happening and how they can get more involved at the museum. Including essential information such as general location and hours in the header allows for visitors to see this information regardless of where they are on the site.


Lightbox Sections

The current website gives a 'specific visitor' page the same weight as a 'general visitor' page, placing information such as directions in a lightbox that can be accessed from the welcome page allows for the minority of visitors to access the page easily while reducing its footprint in the menu.


Ticket User Flow

With several different options and events at the museum, the current ticket order process feels overwhelming. I aimed to simplify the process by asking the visitor simple questions about their visit. The events offered throughout the order form change based on the visit date while a fixed cart on the right side updates as the visitor selects different events to attend at the museum. 


Day Tripper

Figuring the general visitor is planning a single day visit to the museum, I added a daily schedule at the top of the calendar to aid the visitor in deciding which day is the most intriguing. Clicking on any of the events takes the visitor to that events specific page.



Adding the fixed sidebar navigation to the 'What's Happening' section allows the visitor to quickly get to specific information without having to scroll down the entire page.



The exhibition sections reflects their real life counterparts with gallery panoramas in the background complementing detailed looks at elements of each gallery.


Item Focused Store

Eliminating background elements and potential distractors leads the visitors eye to the products offered. If a product looks interesting, a visitor can get more information on a product by hovering over it.


In Closing

Many elements of the current site are very functional and provide for a good user experience. I aimed to elevate those elements to a more modern design standard while adding an improved functionality to many of the sites pages. Putting myself in the mindset of a range of visitors helped me to decide what elements needed to be very apparent & visible and what pages could be more quietly noticeable. I learned a great deal about hierarchy while working on this project; between menus, submenus, headings, and subheadings I worked to clearly delineate what the ranking of importance on any given page. My main goal in this project was to create a dynamic and engaging design style that invites visitors into the site, much like the railroad station of Disneyland invites visitors into the happiest place on earth.


You can find additional pages and the above pages below.